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Slick SL 50 Tele Butterscotch Blonde

The Slick SL50 is like a Tele on STEROIDS.
289,00 €

Slick SL 51 Tele Daphne Blue

Want a guitar with the traditional Tele layout... but with more Tone? You want the SL51!
319,00 €

Slick SL 52 Les Paul Black

The classic LP formula done up Slick Style!
319,00 €

Slick SL 54T Strat Coral Red

DO NOT underestimate this guitar just because it's so ridiculously affordable.
279,00 €

Slick SL 59 Double Cut Black

The classic Double Cut formula done up Slick Style!
269,00 €

Slick SL 60 Double Cut White

The classic Double Cut, Twin Pickup formula done up Slick Style!
299,00 €
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